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Pickup Truck Side Boxes

Pickup Truck Side Boxes

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This product is sold as a complete set, meaning both sides left and right boxes. This pickup truck toolbox bed storage system is designed to fit pickup trucks with 5 ½”, 6 ½”, and 8′ boxes. with tie-down D rings on the side for added security. The system also comes with the option of tool organizing dividers in passenger side drawer, allowing you to customize your storage space to fit your specific tools and equipment. We can set up your toolbox with tools, so you are ready to go to work as soon as you get it. This box is a great addition to any truck; Chevy, Ford, Dodge, etc...

The system has a standard width of 7”, with 5″ width models available, as well as 52", 5'6", 6'6 " and full-length option to fit your truck bed perfectly. The system also has miscellaneous shelves on passenger side. These compartments come with dividers, providing additional storage space for your gear.

The tool organizer drawer holds 32 wrenches, 25 screwdrivers, 7 pliers, and 3 spray cans, keeping your tools organized and easily accessible. The socket organizer drawer holds 57 deep sockets and 57 shallow sockets, making it easy to find the right socket for the job. We can set up this toolbox with tools. With its customizable features and weatherproof storage space, this weatherproof pickup truck toolbox bed storage system is the perfect solution for any tradesperson or outdoor enthusiast looking to maximize their truck's storage capacity.

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