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Complete Truck Bed Toolbox

Complete Truck Bed Toolbox

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Call for gooseneck options!

This pickup truck toolbox system is designed to fit pickup trucks with 5 ½”, 6 ½”, and 8′ boxes. It can haul an extra 2000 lbs on top and has a center measurement of 45 ½” wide. The system comes with an armergaurd top and self-locking drawers with tie-down D rings. Additionally, it has two front 20″ cubby holes that are lockable and perfect for storing tool bags and tool sets. This toolbox system is weatherproof. We also offer this toolbox with tools so when you get them it is ready to go to work. This box is a great addition to any truck; Chevy, Ford, Dodge, etc...

The system also comes with the option of tool organizing in drawers. There are two center drawer options available: a 2-drawer system that is 18 ¼” wide and 5′ deep, or a 3-drawer system with two 14″ wide drawers, one 9″ wide center drawer, and 5′ deep. All drawers come with dividers in 1 ½” increments, making it easy to customize the storage space to fit your specific tools and equipment.

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